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Alexander Technique Lessons with a STAT Qualified Teacher in Bristol

Lisa E Clarke, Alexander Teacher in Clifton – contact me

Do you want to get additional income? Let’s get down to business. Play the starburst slot. Seize the moment! I have taught Alexander Technique Lessons in Bristol since July 2000 following completion of a three year training at the Bristol Alexander Technique Training School Association. My practice is in the Clifton area of Bristol where I give  one to one lessons to a wide range of people. My clients come either because they have a health problem, or because there is something at which they want to excel. If you would like to know more about the Alexander Technique and why people have Alexander lessons please visit my new website – Clifton Alexander Technique


I taught on the highly successful trial run by the Universities of Bristol and Southampton, looking into whether the Alexander Technique could help people with chronic long term back pain. The results were featured in a lead front cover article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2008 which endorsed the effectiveness of having Alexander Technique Lessons.

Alexander Technique Training

F M Alexander - The orinator of the Alexander Technique

F M Alexander

I am a STAT trained teacher, and member of the society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). To become a member ofSTAT it is necessary to complete an approved three year full-time training course requiring daily attendance.

 Founded in 1957 by the teachers personally trained by F M Alexander, STAT regulates standards of training and the code of ethics by which its teaching members are bound. Through it’s affiliated bodies STAT represents the majority of teachers worldwide.

For more information visit the STAT website


I do not teach the Alexander Technique in classes or workshops as Alexander Technique lessons require individual attention I am available for introductory workshops, talks and lectures, please go to my website for more details.Clifton Alexander Technique

My Bristol Alexander Technique practice covers , Clifton, Clifton Wood, Cotham, Hotwells, Redland, Stoke Bishop, Sneyd Park, Westbury, Weston on Trym