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Do you want to get additional income? Let’s get down to business. Play the starburst slot. Seize the moment! It was while trying to solve the problem of a sore throat that F M Alexander developed the Technique. He realised that mind and body should not be regarded as separate (psycho-physical unity), that we generally carry out activity using a collection of unconscious and inappropriate habits, and that our attempts to hold ourselves upright result in us pulling ourselves down.He developed a technique to overcome habitual misuse through learning conscious control of ourselves and his method of un-learning bad habits of use has become known throughout the world as The Alexander Technique.

The Questions we are most often asked are ….

How long does it take?

The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix and like anything worthwhile it takes commitment and effort to get lasting results. Like learning music, some people progress quickly, and others take more time, so we really can’t answer this. It depends haw far you want to go and how quickly you learn.

Lessons are generally conducted on a weekly basis over a period of time, after which some pupils go on to fortnightly lessons, or have a monthly ‘top up’.

Do you Teach Groups

Group lessons can be useful as a very basic introduction to the work, but the Alexander Technique can only be taught on a one to one basis. this is because it is hands on work that addresses the individual needs of the pupil.

And How Much does it Cost?

The cost of an Alexander Technique Lesson varies from around £36 to about £150 depending on which area of the country you live, the level of experience of the teacher, the length of the lesson, and to be honest in the case of some teachers, how much they can get away with! It is tempting to assume that you get better value from a longer lesson, or from a more expensive one, but this is not necessarily the case.

We generally give one hour lessons, sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little less – you get what you need. We try to keep our prices affordable and they are relatively low for teachers with our level of experience. As for the overall cost, we suggest thinking of around thirty lessons. So Learning the Alexander Technique will cost you about the same as a week in the sun.

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