Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Do you want to get additional income? Let’s get down to business. Play the starburst slot. Seize the moment! We trained on a three year training course requiring daily weekday attendance, with emphasis on individual tuition and a teacher/student ratio of 4:1. Our Alexander Technique Teacher Training course was  approved by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) – the organisation founded in 1957 by the original teachers trained by F M Alexander, and which uses the training methods developed by Alexander.

F M Alexander - The orinator of the Alexander Technique

F M Alexander

The teacher training is a process of change, in which teachers learn to embody the work so that it can be passed on in an authentic way – it isn’t something you can learn from a book or sitting at a desk, and no amount of theoretical knowledge will substitute for the the experiential work of an Alexander Teacher Training Course. It requires commitment and self discipline, individual hands on work, and above all a daily chipping away at old habits in order to bring about lasting change.

Just as you have to be able to play a musical instrument well, in order to teach it to others, so we have to learn to use ourselves well in order to teach good use to others.

Alternatives to STAT Approved Alexander Teacher Training

Sadly in these quick fix opportunistic times there are people who refer to themselves as Alexander Teachers who have sidestepped the discipline of change, and have instead trained on courses that bear little resemblance to the training methods developed by F M Alexander. Such courses can take place over infrequent weekends, may involve distance learning, poor teacher/student ratios, and there are even correspondence courses, none of which are any substitute for the daily discipline of the type of Alexander Teacher Training that is required to truly embody this work, and that is the hallmark of a STAT teacher training course.

We strongly recommend that if you are seeking an Alexander Teacher, you ensure that they were trained on a STAT approved Alexander Teacher training course. A list of members of the society is available on the  STAT Website. If you are interested in training as an Alexander Teacher visit the STAT STAT Teacher Training Course Directory

Note that not all STAT trained teachers are members of STAT

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